Animal park: Branféré

An animal and botanic park that is the opposite of a traditional zoo. With 45 hectares and more than 1,200 animals from 5 continents. Various presentations can be seen, including the unmissable « Eagles, vultures, parrots, in close proximity to the spectators ». Do not miss! Experience powerful moments in the park, above the African plain.

BRANFERE is to be amazed – to escape – to have fun – to learn with the Nicolas Hulot school

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Explore Branféré’s Animal Park

Wildlife park located in Guerno, Branféré zoo is spread over 45 hectares and is home to more than 1,200 animals from around the world. Around the castle of Branféré, a global pole is made up of the zoological park, a botanical garden, a parkabout and Nicolas Hulot school, center of education on biodiversity. In the park, more than 150 animal species are to be discovered, distributed in large thematic areas. The Indian Valley is home to rhinos, antelopes, deer pigs and many species of marsh birds on 4 hectares. The African plain is one of the largest in Europe: we discover giraffes, zebras, wildebeest or hippos. The marine area includes three pools where you can see seals and penguins. Many other animal species can be admired in Branféré: primates, llamas, tapirs, camels or yaks, maned wolves, red pandas, wallabies, rheas, ostriches and emus.

An exceptional environment

Ideal for children, the animal park of the castle of Branféré has everything to please: an exceptional natural environment sheltering rare species of plants and trees, a great number of animals to observe, animations like the big spectacle of the birds, and a huge parkabout suspended in the African valley. Among the missions that the Branféré park has been given is an education and transmission mission: the animators of the Nicolas Hulot school and the zoo caretakers regularly intervene in the different areas of the park to present the animals, to participate visitors at feeding, or perform public medical training sessions. Privileged moments not to be missed! Special and temporary events, workshops and exhibitions are also organized in the educational farm and around the castle. In Branféré, young and old marvel and learn!