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During your stay at our campsite in the Morbihan, you can try your hand at fishing. Discover a fun and free leisure activity that combines outdoor activities, relaxation and culinary delights. Read our tips to make sure your fishing trip lives up to your expectations.

What to fish for on foot in Morbihan?

Take advantage of the high tides for a fishing trip off the Morbihan coast. Put on your boots and tarpaulin, take a bucket and a net. Look for cockles, clams and razor clams, barnacles and tellins on the beach. You can also find mussels, oysters, barnacles, scallops and abalone. You will also have the opportunity to meet étrilles.

Back at the 4-star campsite of Kervallon in Brocéliande, you can enjoy your seafood with your family.

The most famous fishing spots in Morbihan

As fishing on foot is such a popular activity in the Morbihan, it is accessible from many locations along the region’s coastline.

The best known fishing area in the department is Larmor-Plage. The Rhuys peninsula and the Vilaine estuary are very nice places to collect oysters and mussels.

Around the Petite Mer de Gâvres, the Ria d’Etel, the Vilaine Estuary and the Bay of Quiberon, you can find small cockles. Belle-Île and the wild coast of Quiberon are also two good places to fish for barnacles.

In the vicinity of our campsite Domaine de Kervallon, there are other popular fishing spots. We can mention: le Hézo in Saint-Armel, le Maguëro in Plouhinec, the beach of Halguen and that of Loguy in Pénestin

Regulations in force and prohibited areas

Fishing on foot is strictly regulated off the coast of Morbihan.

For all species, the number of licences and fishing time is limited. There are also strict regulations on the amount that can be caught and the minimum size of species caught.

For professionals, the maximum permitted quantities of clams are 70 kg per day. The minimum size is set at 3.5 cm.

It is also important to know that fishing for shellfish, mussels and oysters is strictly forbidden within 25 metres of oyster beds.

Prohibited areas

Fishing may be temporarily prohibited in certain areas of the coast to protect sea grass beds and birds.

All shellfish are prohibited in these areas:

  • River La Laïta
  • Littoral Damganais
  • Baie de Kervoyal
  • Étier de Billiers
  • Mouth of the Vilaine (le Branzais)
  • Coastal strip and park area of the island of Houat
  • Coastal strip of the island of Hoëdic
  • And so on.

Advice on how to fish successfully on foot

For your safety and to fully enjoy your fishing trip, please follow the safety tips below:

  • Find out about the tide times
  • Check today’s weather forecast
  • Make sure there are no health restrictions on the shore fishing areas you wish to visit
  • Wear suitable equipment (boots, sleeves, gloves, etc.)
  • Bring a basket or a bucket to bring back your seafood
  • Wear a watch and keep track of time
  • Fish in known and frequented places